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1) Block Manufacturing
2) Pasteurization

A compostable material comprised mostly of sawdust and grains is mixed, placed inside of a filtered polypropylene bag and pressed to form a block of fertile substrate.  

To eliminate contaminating agents, the blocks are heated to approximately 100 degrees celsius with steam for several hours before they are left to cool for inoculation.

3) Inoculation
4) Incubation

Under laboratory conditions, the blocks are cleaned, inoculated with shiitake spawn, then sealed again for incubation. 

The blocks are moved to our incubation facilities, where they spend the next 3-4 months under conditions propitious to the mycelium's development. 

5) Fructification
6) Harvesting & Packaging 

Once the mycelium is fully formed and sturdy, the blocks are removed from within their polypropylene bags, rinsed with water, and positioned in our fructification facilities under conditions propitious to shiitake growth.

After approximately 2 weeks, the shiitake is ready to be harvested and packaged for sale.

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