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Profile & History

Don Farruco is the trade name of Itzaina y Otros Sociedad Colectiva, headquartered in Los Cerrillos, Canelones, Uruguay. Committed to the promotion of health and sustainable efforts, Don Farruco is Uruguay's largest producer of shiitake mushrooms. 

The company was founded in 2014 by Roberto Itzaina, an entrepreneur with ample management experience in both domestic and multinational organizations. In collaboration with his brother Francisco, he decided to invest on the development of quality natural food products traditionally foreign to Uruguay.

Don Farruco operates out of an agricultural establishment with highly controlled facilities for the production of delicious and nutritive mushrooms, which are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, free of gluten and have medicinal properties. The shiitake is cultivated on a substrate composed largely of saw dust and maintained under rigorous conditions at all stages of production, from incubation to fructification. It is then harvested and promptly packaged for sale. 


Introduce first-rate, natural, delicious, and healthy products ​to the Uruguayan food culture, while promoting eco-sustainable initiatives and striving for innovative solutions to better serve our clients.

Expand our domestic distribution network and our portfolio of top-tier exotic products, consolidating ourselves as one of the best and most reliable ​producers and distributors in the Uruguayan food industry.

Interpersonal Commitment
Sustainability & Good Citizenship

We attempt to inspire healthier communities by means of nutrition.

We provide products that deliver premium value to our consumers.

We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our interactions.

We develop positive and long-lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and collaborators.

We strive to cause no unnecessary harm to the environment and the community, implementing exemplary solutions that last.

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